Christ Lutheran Church Kokomo

                                 3401 South Dixon Road
                                       Kokomo, IN 46902

                                           Seeking to Become A Twenty-First Century Church

Care for Creation

Care for Creation at CLC began when a group attended a workshop showcasing congregations that were active in developing projects designed to preserve Earth and God’s Creation.  Using these churches’ experiences as our inspiration, a Care for Creation Team introduced a policy for recycling to the congregation along with education about conservation as an extension of our faith as CLC members.  We now recycle cans, paper, plastics and print cartridges. We encourage the use of china dinnerware instead of Styrofoam cups and paper plates that would add to a landfill.

As our congregation developed an awareness of our responsibilities to preserve the planet, the Team has continued with the introduction of other activities beyond simple recycling.  To save energy we conducted a professional energy audit of the church facility, and installed motion-sensitive light switches in restrooms and programmable thermostats in all areas of the building.  We have carry-in dinners to showcase local Indiana foods.  We also encourage eating more meatless meals to conserve resources.

The group meets on second Thursdays, 7pm at CLC, and welcomes new participants and ideas for future activities.  Remember, at church, at home, at work, and at play:  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.