Christ Lutheran Church Kokomo

                                 3401 South Dixon Road
                                       Kokomo, IN 46902

                                           Seeking to Become A Twenty-First Century Church

Food Pantry

CLC collects donations for local food pantries.  We contribute to Hands of Grace, Kokomo Urban Outreach, Salvation Army Food Pantry, Walton Area Community Ministry, and Zion Tabernacle Pantry.  Children always bring token food items forward to be placed on the altar at the time of the children's 'sermon'.  Reminds them, but more importantly, it reminds us all, of our sharing culture.

The gospels frequently mention Jesus' emphasis on sharing food and forgiving debts as he wandered the small villages of Galilee.  Paul's communities were communities of food sharing.  At the most basic levels, sharing food is empowering life.

CLC's food pantry is an ongoing and active element of our congregation.