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Celebrating 20 Years


Journeying Together for Twenty Years

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New Celebrations Together
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After much planning 20 years ago St. John’s Lutheran and Holy Cross Lutheran came together to form the present Christ Lutheran Church.  St. John’s was an old city church, and Holy Cross a small mission church.  We all squeezed into the smaller Holy Cross with great hopes to build a new addition.  (Take “squeezed” literally as it was a tight fit to combine 2 congregation’s accumulated ‘junque’ into one small space.)


That is how our shared adventure began.  We have been adventuring ever since, now in more physical space since the building addition became a reality several years later.  Take a moment to post a reply below, sharing your favorite memories from the early couple of years.




1 thought on “Celebrating 20 Years”

  1. I remember both churches worshiping for a time at the St. John’s building while the Holy Cross rooms were reconfigured for additional people and functions. After tons of details were considered and choices made, the final step was to lay some new carpeting in several rooms and hallways just a few days before the first Sunday Service at the Holy Cross building.
    Then we discovered the carpeting was not yet shipped and available. In panic mode Liz Michael found something at a warehouse near Chicago, we rented a truck and picked it up ourselves, and Saturday a crew of crazy volunteers began laying carpet, led by Terry Michael, the only one who knew what he was doing.
    The job was finished at 3am Sunday morning. A few bricks were laid on top of spots where the carpet bubbled up a bit, and we all went home exhausted. (Terry came in early Sunday to pick up the bricks before members began arriving for the Sunday service.)
    In hindsight, a pretty good team building exercise.

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