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How to Use Your New Website

Some advantages of our new website.

Welcome to the NEW christlutherankokomo.org

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Some advantages of our new site:

  1.  The ‘Conversations’ page of our website will be continually updated with new posts (news articles, council communications, Pastor messages, meeting notifications, whatever).  Older posts will downgrade lower on the page, and eventually automatically archive.
  2. Posts are interactive.  You can ‘Leave a Reply‘.  Conversations can occur between the author of the post and multiple readers.
  3. MOST IMPORTANTLY you can share topics you like with your friends on social media.  For example, just click the FACEBOOK button below, and you are taken to your own Facebook app on computer or smartphone, where you can add a comment and share the topic with all your friends.  If interested, your facebook friends can link back to this website, or repeat share with their own friends.  (Think of it as the electronic and more appropriate version of carrying a ‘Jesus Saves’ sign around the courthouse square.)  All at the click of a button.  More on Twitter and Pinterest later.
  4. The web software used is quite user friendly, and we are training multiple people to post their own topics (blogs).  Besides our own three staff members regularly posting relevant topics, we already have in place Lenore Kane posting on HIPL meetings and Harold Seamon posting on important Church Council topics.  Other people could be trained as the need arises, and occasional posts from various committees and groups could be managed by providing appropriate graphic and text content to Administrative Assistant Karen Walck.
  5. This will be a DO IT YOURSELF website.  For example, the Quilting Group has been asked to provide pictures and descriptive text explaining their group to the public.  You can view the quilting page and get an idea of what typical content might look like.  Then do the same for your own group.  (The Webmaster will be bugging your group soon, if he hasn’t already.)  In addition, when the group wants a refresh of the information, it can be very quickly and easily done.
  6. Click on Notify Me  of New Posts by Email to be automatically alerted to new posts by the same author. 

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