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Creation Care Affiliate – September


Meet Dori Chandler

     Do we have a religious and ethical obligation to act on Climate Change? This question will be addressed on Thursday, September 12th, at the meeting of the Kokomo Area Creation Care, an affiliate of Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light (HIPL) at Christ Lutheran Church at 3401 S. Dixon Rd. at 7pm.  Dori Chandler, Public Policy director of HIPL will present a program to members and guests focusing on this question.  She will discuss ways to become an effective advocate to help people recognize the importance of understanding climate change and possible consequences of it in our future.

     Dori Chandler joined the Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light Team in November 2018. She has worked as an environmental consultant and planner who brings a wealth of non-profit and government experience in the areas of advocacy, resource recovery, and community engagement. Her passion for environmental and social justice has led her to be an urban planning fellow in Midtown Manhattan, initiate a Food Scraps Recycling programs in Ithaca, NY, and work as the Indiana organizer with Union of Concerned Scientists.  She is the Indiana statewide coordinator for Citizens’ Climate Lobby, working on a non-partisan comprehensive policy solution to Climate Change. Dori has a Masters in Urban Planning from Hunter College and a Bachelors in Environmental Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  As an educator and leader in the Jewish community, she works to instill the values of Tikkun Olam–repair of the world–and Baal Tashchit–not to needlessly destroy–as core values.  She resides in Indianapolis and attends the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation.

     The meeting is free and open to people of all faith communities as well as interested individuals who want to explore programs, projects and activities that help us be aware of ways we can become better stewards of the earth.  Fellowship and snacks may be enjoyed at 6:45 pm. 

The mission of Interfaith Power & Light is to be faithful stewards of Creation by responding to global warming through the promotion of energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. Our group meets on the second Thursday 10 times a year.  We invite individuals and persons of all faith communities.


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