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Morning Musings May 20, 2020

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As the country is opening back up, we face personal choices. Choices of what we are going to do as we go out into public places. Everyone is talking about the new normal! I not sure anyone knows what the new normal will look like at the first of June or even the first of July or for that matter for the rest of the year. I believe the new normal will be changing as we move through this COVID-19 pandemic.


Your church council is working on what it will look like to come back together for worship. Discussions have included: wearing masks in worship, only opening the Sanctuary and restrooms, deep cleaning after each use in restrooms and Sanctuary, not singing during worship when we gather, only allowing entrance through the main doors of the church, not having any fellowship (food or coffee), leaving immediately after worship (not congregating in church for conversation), maintaining social distancing in the Sanctuary, no celebration of the Eucharist to start, options available for the Eucharist at a later point, what to do with larger group gatherings (ie-bible study, outside groups like DAR, NAMI, Men’s Prayer group, etc),  and many other options. The church council has not put any guidelines in concrete yet and at the same time they may never be in concrete but ever changing to meet what is happening in our community. We are looking at guidelines put out by the CDC, Federal, State, and local authorities. Please continue to read the weekly news and emails from the church to keep up with the latest information.


There may be some people who choose not to come back to worship when we resume gathering in person, so we will continue to record the service and email to those who for their own safety do not come.

With all this information we can create a state of anxiety in our lives. What do you do to help yourself in moments of anxiety? I use several different ways to cope with the anxiety I feel as we work towards our new normal. Meditation is one way I use to help with my anxiety-sitting quietly, listening to my breathing, focusing on a word of Scripture or a phrase from a Psalm. Other times reading Scripture or my daily devotion along with prayer gives me the clarity I am seeking. When my anxiety becomes physical tension, I will go for a walk or do some physical activity like pulling weeds or mowing the grass. Another way is to talk with a friend about what you are feeling-not that they can give you the answers but just saying them out loud to someone who cares helps.


There are endless ways to cope with anxiety. Find one or two that work for you. As you hear over and over on the media and advertising “we are in this together.” You are not alone-reach out to others who may need to hear from you too!!


What are you doing to remain focused and relieve your anxiety? What do you feel God calling you to do?


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